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Seriously though.

So many people I've talked to completely freak out during this time of year because of the possibility of gaining weight & going off their diet plan. I get it... the countless holiday parties, dessert tables, family gatherings and traveling can be stressful. All of these factors don't exactly allow you to have a normal healthy routine.

But, that doesn't mean that you need to freak

out or have a "fuck it" mentality.

If you haven't heard of that phrase before... here's an example. You had a good breakfast, but there were cookies at work. So maybe you had 1 or 2? But now you've obviously ruined your whole day of healthy eating so "fuck it", you just eat whatever for the rest of the day, which eventually turns into weeks.

(Cough, cough.. the holiday season)

Life is about balance. Which means that you shouldn't feel guilty for having some of your grandmas homemade pie for desert, if you want some. Having a slice of pie isn't going to ruin the other 364 days of hard work, just like having one chicken breast isn't going to get you a 6 pack.


Food for thought:

- It's okay so say no thank you. - You shouldn't feel pressured to eat foods you don't want.

- Learn to listen to your internal hunger cues... if you're hungry, eat. If you're not, don't.

- Aim to drink 100 oz. of water a day & eat lots of veggies to help improve digestion.

- Just because you had a cookie for lunch, doesn't mean that your whole day is ruined. - Just because you have 3 holiday parties in a row, doesn't mean you need to eat like an a-hole the entire week. - Exercise is NOT a punishment for food you ate, it's an opportunity to move & take care of your body.


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