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eBook Release!

Well.. you probably guessed it from the title, BUT YA GIRL RELEASED HER FIRST eBOOK YESTERDAY!


This project has been on my mind for probably the past year, along with being in the works for months. I'm a chronic perfectionist ... so I have a tendency to be very specific & meticulous on with projects that take on. It's a blessing and a curse. (I've had to learn that sometimes, done is better than perfect.)

However, with this project, perfect is the only standard that I was willing to accept. I've never done something like this before- Hand created, designed & tested a workout guide... so I wanted it to be exactly what I envisioned. & Let me tell ya, this was definitely a learning experience!


The Traveling WOD contains:

- 15 Bodyweight workouts

- 15 Minimal equipment workouts - A video movement library to ensure you have proper form (For most of the movements... I wasn't able to get some of them done with my bummed knee.)

- My top tips to keep you on track while you travel the world - Full body warm-ups & cool-downs My hope is that this guide provide you with a resource to maintain your healthy & fit lifestyle while you travel. I know that it's already difficult to your routine while on the road, so this will eliminate one thing you need to worry about- Workouts! There's no excuses when you have 30 varied workouts requiring minimal equipment.

If you'd like to order the eBook, I've provided the link below. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!


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