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If You Want to Change, You Have to Start The Change

If you're reading this, chance are that you may have some health & fitness based goals for this upcoming year. Which is great!

BUT, before you start to look to the current diet trends (Keto, 30 day challenges, Whole30, Paleo, RP Strength) I'd strongly encourage you to consider finding a LONG-TERM COACH instead.

(Like 3-6 months)

Hear me out.


I think its great that people want to take accountability for their health & do some basic research on the diet plans that are out there. I actually think that needs to be one of the first steps, because you have to actually want to make a change.

I can't do it for you, your doctor can't do it for you & your friends can't do it for you.

You have to decide first, WHY you want to change & WHAT you want that change to look like.

Now, when it comes to the current diet trends... there's a reason why they're called a "diet"- because it's not meant to be done forever & YOU DON'T ACTUALLY CHANGE THE DAILY HABITS THAT GOT YOU INTO THE UNHEALTHY STATE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Most of the time what happens is that you restrict food groups, cut caloric intake & start going for morning runs in hopes to quickly drop 5-10#.

I challenge you to ask yourself what matters more- The number on the scale right now & what you look like next week?


Cultivating healthy habits to last you a lifetime so you can live at a healthy body weight for the years to come?

Coaches are here to see the bigger picture, keep you moving forward & be the person in your corner rooting for you the entire time.

We're here to help you.So I encourage you, before you start your next detox or diet... consider hiring a coach first.

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