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How to Stay Healthy & Active with a Desk Job

A poll just came out saying that up to 86% of Americans sit all day for their job, assuming at a desk.

I believe that our bodies are meant for movement every day, but sadly a lot of us are stuck at a desk & behind a computer screen for most of the day. (Guilty is charged over here too lol)

Although this is a hard truth, that doesn’t mean that we can't look for ways to incorporate healthy habits & more movement into our days!

Here are a few tips & tricks to help you stay healthy & active with your desk job. :)

- Depending on the time to have to be at the office, get your workout done in the morning! I know that it can be exhausting dragging yourself to the gym after 7-10 hours at a desk, so maybe consider getting on that early workout train. It’s not that bad once you get into the routine. (Trust me, I’m not a morning workout person & I actually feel more productive throughout the day if I do workout in the AM)

- Take hourly breaks to get up & take a quick walk around the office.

- Get outside for lunch. If its a nice day out, go sit in the sun!

- Consider getting a standing desk instead of sitting all day.

- Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Have to go up to the 10th floor… take the stairs girl. GET YO STEPS IN.

- Drink lots of water! Instead of sipping on coffee & soda throughout the day, switch to water & add a scoop of BCAA’s if you’re needing some flavor. Sometimes if you find yourself getting hungry or snacking mindlessly, chances are you could be dehydrated instead!

- If you're hungry & need something to munch on, focus on high protein snacks! More than likely, you're body could use that extra protein to promote muscle protein synthesis. :) You could also check out my blog post from last week on high protein snacks to give you some ideas!

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