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The Home Gym Guide

Sometimes the last thing you want to do is drag yourself out of the house & go to the gym. Trust me, I get it. Which is why I’ve compiled a basic list of some equipment to get you set up with the perfect at home gym space. I looked for equipment that is a little higher quality, but didn’t completely break the bank. You can definitely find some more cost effective alternatives for some of these items if you’re on a budget though!


- Yoga Mat ($69)

- Set of Resistance Bands ($35)

- Hip Circle Bands ($25-40)

- KettleBell ($299, for a rack & 5 kb's ranging from 8-24 kilos)

- Set of Dumbbells ($15-40)

- Jump Rope ($46)

- Box

Heres a DIY on how to make your own for $30. (These retail for over $100)

- Medicine Ball ($40-50)

- Speakers ($33)

- Timer ($59)

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