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Post-Workout Nutrition

If you’re here reading this, I imagine that you probably put a lot of effort into your workouts? Right?

Well, consuming the right nutrients after your workout session is just as important as what you consume before & throughout the day!

During a workout your body uses stored carbohydrates as fuel, known as glycogen. Occasionally it’ll run the workout off protein or fat, but most of the time it’s glycogen.

So, after a workout you need two specific macronutrients- Protein & carbohydrates. Why not fat you may ask? Fat can slow down the digestion of protein and carbs, so it’s best to keep fat minimal post-workout!


Carbohydrates- Replenish Glycogen Stores

Carbs. Don’t. Make. You. “Fat”. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s chat.

Like I mentioned above, your body’s glycogen stores are used as the primary fuel source during workouts. The amount that is used varies on the type & length of workout.

If you do a heavy strength training workout or 45 minute intense cardio session, you’ll likely use up a bit of stored glycogen. Typically, endurance sports such as running, swimming or biking use up more glycogen than a bodybuilding workout. & If you workout twice in one day, you’ll need carbohydrates post-workout to help your body recover for the next session.

On the contrary if you do a lighter bodyweight workout or typically have 1-2 days of rest between your workouts, you’re not going to use as much of the stored glycogen.

In terms of what type of carbohydrates to have post-workout, I typically recommend a glycogen supplement. You could do whole foods but your body would then need to go through the digestion process, which takes a couple of hours, to be able to have that glycogen ready for the body to utilize.

Also, taking an easily digestible carbohydrate after a workout will allow your body to utilize your post-workout protein properly. If you only take a protein, chances are that your body will convert some of it to glycogen to replenish those sugar stores.

I personally use Ignition by 1st Phorm if you’re in need of a recommendation. (.5-1 Scoop depending on goal, workout & body type)-


Protein- Repair & Rebuild Muscle Tissue

Protein. Does. Not. Make. You. Bulky. Lol now that we got that out of the way, let’s chat again.

When you exercise, you’re creating micro-tears in your muscle tissues. The best way to stimulate the repair of those tears is through protein & rest. (Rest as in taking adequate recovery days & doing your mobility. *Cough cough*.)

Consuming a high quality protein post workout will give your muscles all of the amino acids (building blocks of protein) it needs to start the recovery process. Again, you could do a whole food source like chicken but then your body would need to break that down before it could utilize it & then prolonging the recovery process.

For post-workout protein, I use Phormula-1 by 1st Phorm. (1-2 Scoops depending on goals, workout & body type)-

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