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Skincare for Athletes

Trust me, if you’re reading this article I HEAR YOU & I SEE YOU.

I have struggled with acne my entire life.

If you are an active girl (or guy) who loves the gym, getting sweaty & long runs outside then I imagine that at some point you’re also dealing with the dreaded skin breakouts.

After years (& I mean years) of terrible acne.. I have finally figured out a skin care routine that works.

It’s not a ton of random products, although I do mention a few of my current favorites, but tips & simply daily changes that will help keep your skin feeling fresh & looking clear!


- Gently wipe away your sweat during a workout with a CLEAN gym towel. Not some nasty one you use for a week straight. Go to the dollar tree & buy a couple dish rags. Your skin is worth a clean rag.

- Find a gentle exfoliator that works with your skin type & use it as needed to remove the top layer of dead skin cells before they can clog up your pores.- Since I have oily & acne prone skin, if I use a harsh exfoliator every day than my skin will start to over-produce oil. So I’ll alternate between the Beauty Counter Counter Control Clear Pore Cleanser and a gentle foam cleanser from my Dermatologist.

- USE SUNSCREEN. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO LOOK LIKE YOU’RE 60 WHEN YOUR 40. THIS SHOULD BE SELF EXPLANATORY. I personally love the Countersun Mineral Sunscreen lotion from Beauty Counter.

- Stay hydrated! I try to aim for 100-120 oz of water every day & if I know that I’m going to be outside or sweating a lot that day then I’ll add in a scoop of grape Ultima electrolytes.

- Invest in your skin & get facials. This has made THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE IN MY SKIN. NO LIE. I try to go every 6-8 weeks (but its more like 8-10 because ya girl is a busy lady), to my girl Jules at my dermatology to get a deep cleansing pore facial. This helps to clean out my pores as well as prevent build up that can lead to break outs!

- Wash your sheets girl. Not once a month, but at least once a week. ESPECIALLY YOUR PILLOWS! Whatever products you put in your hair, that gets transferred onto your pillow & can promote bacteria.

- This last tip is simple.. don’t pick at your breakouts & STOP STRESSING. Picking leads to scarring & stress leads to more breakouts.

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