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North Carolina Hiking Guide (November 2018)

First off, I wouldn’t even be able to write this post without thanking Luis Perez for having me on his podcast (FitTalk with Coach Luis) & hosting me for an entire weekend. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share my story & an even bigger thank you for taking me hiking to all these AWESOME spots! I am so grateful to have such a bomb internet friend, you da best.


Crowders Mountain

Crowders Mountain is inside of the Crowders Mountain State Park, which is located just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. The views are honestly SPECTACULAR, as you can probably tell, plus it’s a great workout! There are a couple different trails that take you up the main mountain, but we went up the 5 mile loop on the RockTop Trail! It had about 1,000 ft. of elevation gain, but it was pretty spread out so I don’t think it felt that strenuous. But I could totally see how this hike could take you a couple hours if you’re not in shape. 12/10 Highly recommend if you’re in the area. So much climbing up and over the rocks!


Grandfather Mountain Trail

Okay this one truly BLEW MY MIND. I had no idea that this type of scenery was even possible in North Carolina. There are a ton of hikes around Grandfather Mountain, but we hiked up and over the bridge and then in the opposite direction off on some of the more advanced trails. So I’m not quite sure how long the hike we did was, but you could easily 2-4 hours climbing around there. Just a heads up though, make sure you call before you go! Sometimes the mountaintop were all the trails are will be closed due to weather or big wind gusts. We made that mistake the first time we went & had to go back another day because of the high winds. 120% WORTH IT THOUGH!!

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