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Phoenix, Arizona Hiking (May 2019)

Camelback Mountain Via. Echo Canyon Trail

Camelback Mountain is probably one of the most iconic hikes in the Phoenix area. (It has over 2,200 reviews on AllTrails so that says something lol) It’s a reactively short trail in theory, only being 2.4 miles, but the elevation gain is close to 1,500 ft. So it’s not messing around. All of the hikes mentioned in this post would be great day hikes, but since the heat in Arizona is rough I recommend earlier morning or later afternoon to avoid the more intense heat in the middle of the day. With that being said, make sure to bring lots of water. I’m not talking a simple 500mL bottle, but more like a 2L pack. It gets hot while you’re going up & you don’t want to be without water on this one. I think hiking shoes would also be a good idea since you climb over large boulders & rocks once you get closer to the top. 10/10 highly recommend!


Piestewa Peak Summit Trail #300

I did this one immediately following the Camelback Mountain hike so my legs were pretty toasted. If you’re in decent shape you could do them back to back like I did, or take your time on both & enjoy the hike more. I didn’t have much time in the area so I wanted to get in as much as I could. This hike was shorter too, only being 2.2 miles out & back, but had another steep elevation gain of 1,151 ft. I think the only way I make both of the hikes work was doing the Piewesta Peak trail right at sunset, so it was MUCH cooler. Plus watching the sunset from the top was BEAUTIFUL! (Check out the pictures below)


Holbert Trail to Dobbins Lookout

This trail was much more leisurely than the previous two. I was able to get the 3.8 mile trail done in about 2.5~ hours the next morning going at a pretty decent pace. The climbs were gradual (elevation gain of 997 ft.) until you got to the end with a few steeper switchbacks, but overall it was a simple dirt trail. In the beginning there are quite a few trails that branch off, so just make sure to check your GPS tracker to ensure you’re going the right way. (Oops) Once you get to the top there is a cute historic rock house that has views overlooking he Phoenix city! Plus the bathrooms & shade are a huge bonus after trekking all that way.

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