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New Mexico Hiking (May 2019)

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument

This hike is easily in my top 5 favorites of all time. The rock formations alone at the beginning of the trail are stunning and not to mention the views once you get up to the top of the trail! This hike is a 3 mile loop (-ish.. it’s actually an out and back if you climb up) with an elevation gain of 750ft.

The area itself is a protected National monument, so be sure to stay on the trail. (AKA don’t be an a-hole & wander) It’s famous for its cone shaped formations of pumice, ash and tuff deposits from volcanic eruptions 6-7 million years ago. The trail is beautiful, scenic and winds through the rocks itself! 12/10 Highly recommend.


Domingo Baca Trail #230

This trail was SO MUCH FUN. Its an 8 mile out and back trail that climbs over 3,543 ft. if you go all the way to the top. This trail was in the Sandia mountains outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The trail took you up to the TRA flight 260 crash site. In 1955, the plane took off from the Albuquerque airport on an overcast day with low visibility. It was later discovered that the pilots had a malfunction shortly after takeoff with their instruments that led them to believe they were flying away from the Sandis… when in reality they were headed straight towards them. By the time they had realized what happened it was too late and 16 people lost the lives. The crash site is still pristinely preserved after 60 years.. eerie, but a very interesting snapshot in history. I really wish I had enough time to go all the way to to the top of the trial, but I was pressed so I only made it up to the wreckage site. If you have 4-6 hours it would make a great almost full day hike! Challenging, but completely worth it.

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