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October 2019 Favorites


Lululemon Align Shorts: If you haven't tried these yet, YOU NEED TO. It's basically like wearing a cloud on your legs. Also, if you haven't tried Lululemon in general then idk what's up because you're missing out. I love them because they're high waisted & they STAY PUT. I don't have to pull them up or pull them out of my butt because they come in a 4 inch & 6 inch inseam. I'm all about flattering shorts & pants, but I want things to be covered if you get what I'm sayin'.



Another CrossFit Dimensions Endurance workout for the win this month!

*Part A*

3 Rounds-

800m Run

(2 Min. Rest)

*Part B*

3 Rounds-

800m Row

(2 Min. Rest)

*Part C*

3 Rounds-

10 Squats, lunges, jump squats & jump lunges

10 Sit-ups, hollow rocks, frog crunches & v-ups

(2 Min. Rest)



Almond Whipped Cream: Okay I have a love/hate relationship with this stuff because I freaking LOVE the taste & the fact that it's dairy free, but every single time I get it after a couple uses it jams up & the nozzle doesn't work! You may think I'm insane but I swear. I've bought at least 6 of them & every single time that happens. So yes it's a favorite, but idk why it does that. Annoying but so good.

Protein Balls: This recipe is SO BOMB. I didn't come up with it (Thanks John. 😉) , but it's so simple! & DELICIOUS!

Ingredients- 1.5 cup of dry oats, 1 cup of almond butter, 2 scoops of chocolate protein, a drizzle of honey, a splash of water, coconut chips & chocolate chips!

Directions- Mix it up, roll into balls, stick in the fridge & you're done!

Also (#ShamelessPlug) if you love protein/healthy sweets you should go pick up my Protein Goodies eBook! It's packed with 10 yummy recipes guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.



Attached: Yes this girl is reading a relationship book but don't sh** on me yet, because it's actually pretty good. It goes through different attachment styles in relationships and how we react & why based on those styles! A very interesting read if you're into personality tests or simply learning on how other people think.



Lavender Essential Oils: Kind of random I know, but lavender is my absolute FAVORITE essential oil to diffuse. I can have it going all day & not get sick of it. I don't really have any particular oil brand that I stick to, but If you haven't tried it before you need to. It completely calms my senses & gets me ready for bed. Which is so helpful when I coach later the evening and my body is still on high alert.

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