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NYC & Boston (October 2019)

I absolutely ADORE the big apple. Theres something about visiting the city during the fall that makes my heart SO happy. I've been to NYC a handful of times now & each time I never have a set plan. *Shrugs shoulders* Usually I just start walking around & figure out where I want to stop as I go! (IMO- The best way to see the city.) These are the few main spots we stopped while on our trip in New York!

THE LOTTE This is where we stayed while in NYC! The other times I've visited I've done a AirB&B in the Brooklyn area so it was a lovely change staying right in Manhattan. Not having to take the subway to get in and out of the city was a great time saver especially if you plan on spending most of your time in the main strip! (Although I actually do enjoy taking the subway.) First off, the outside architecture on this hotel is absolutely stunning right as you walk up &&m continues when you go inside. We stayed in one of their "skyline" rooms on the top floor (39th) that gave almost a birds eye view looking over the city! Overall the hotel was beautiful, our room was lovely with a great view and the breakfast was delicious (Some of THE BEST bacon I've had) so I highly recommend staying if you have the opportunity!


Never. Gets. Old. I've visited Central Park every time I go to the city and I still love walking around! (& Getting cute pictures lol) If it's your first time visiting you HAVE to take a stroll through, especially if you're going in the fall.


Of course when I'm in the city I always keep my eye out for a good dessert spot! ;) John loves macrons so he took me to his favorite spot- Laduree! It's been around for ages and originally started in Paris with the first stateside spot coming to New York (the Madison ave. location) in 2011. Not only are their macrons delicious, but they also have various chocolates and pastries! I can't remember what the chocolate bar I tried is called, but WOWZA SO GOOD with a mix of caramel, crunchies & nuts!


This was my first time visiting the One World Trade Center and it's now one of my must-see spots if you're in the city. The design team did a wonderful job creating a beautiful and respectful memorial site. I don't really think I could use words to describe it, other than you need to go.


I have never had a culinary experience like this before. Honestly all I can say is wow. The staff were SO attentive and it was like a dance watching them work with each other to give everyone the best experience possible. Now, the menu was a little different than what I'm used to when I go out to eat. There were 4 options, all at fixed price. You could do a vegetarian 6 or 10 course or an omnivore 6 or 10 course. We opted for the omnivore 10 course although we should have probably done the 7. Lol. Oops. Regardless, the flavor of all of the course was out of this world. Even though I wasn't a huge fan of some of the dishes, due to my own personal preference, they did a truly wonderful job pairing everything tougher. && When I told them wasn't a fan of 2 of the dishes, they brought us every. single. dessert. on the menu. Talk about above and beyond customer service. Overall it was lovely experience and I HIGHLY recommend Jean George if you ever have the opportunity.


We went to see Dermont Kennedy on Sunday evening at the House of Blues in Boston &...

1. What a cute venue! It was much smaller than I'm used to (Cruzan in WPB is huge) so if you go to see someone here I think it would be worth it to get VIP tickets that way you're closer to the front or get there super early to stand in line. The concert started at 7:30 and the line to get in was wrapped up and around the block by the time we walked over from our hotel at 7.

& 2. DERMONT KENNEDY IS SO FLIPPING GOOD IN CONCERT. He sounds just as good as he does recorded. Honestly it was impressive and he put on a wonderful show. Not only is he a great performer, but he was so interactive and sincere with the crowd! If you're a fan of his music and he comes to your area you NEED to see him live!

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