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Fitness Holiday Gift Guide (2019)

Last year I did a similar post to this & I got some great feedback!

Soo, I figured it was only fitting to do a 2019 version.

(Also... hello to having a blog for 1 year. That's bonkers.)

In this guide you'll find gifts for the special men & women in your life that are also health & fitness nuts like myself!

I also managed to score discount codes, so please feel free to use them.

You guys know I won't boast about a product unless I've tried it personally (with my own dollars lol) & love it.

Anyways, happy holidays everyone & if you have questions on any of the products feel free to reach out!



Yes yes yes. You guys probably know how much I LOVE these leggings. (I practically live in them.) If you have someone in your life that hasn't tried out them yet you need to get them a pair. They are 110% worth the money you spend on them. For reference I'm 5"5, 130# & wear a size 4 in them. I could do a 6 but they're a hair big so I prefer to do a 4 & they'll loosen up just a bit to be the perfect size.

I FREAKING LOVE THESE. They're the ONLY sports bra I've been wearing to the gym for probably the past 5 years. If you have a bigger chest & are tired of the girls not being strapped down, you need to try these. They are compressive, but still flattering & allow you to not worry of having your girls flying around. For reference, I wear a size medium in these.

Alright, I have been a die hard Asics girl when it comes to running shoes since my freshman year of college. However when it came time to retire my Asics & look for a new pair... I've been in LOVE with the Mizunos I purchased. They're much more light weight than Asics & I still feel like my feet/ankles are supported.



(This section came directly from my boyfriend John. Thanks for being awesome & giving everyone great ideas for the men in their life!)

These are great for working out, running errands & everything in between! (& Yard work!) They don't stick to you like cotton and the material is so lightweights & quick to dry! Coming from someone who sweats a ton, these shirts are a must have. (John also said that they make his traps look good. LOL.) For reference, John is 5"10, 180# wears a medium.

These are John's favorite workout shorts. They're light weight, sweat wicking & allow for a full range of motion in the gym! Which is great if you're a CrossFitter like John who doesn't want to feel restricted during the workout. For reference, John wears a medium in these as well.

We all know the guys in the gym that sweat so much that they're literally wringing out their shirts afterwards. If your loved one is like this, consider getting some sweat bands for their wrists! Inexpensive, super useful & a great stocking stuffer!



Percussion massagers are the We have them at two of the gyms that I coach at & everyone LOVES them. I'm not sure if the research has caught up with them, but personally I feel like they make a huge different in pin pointing & working out points of soreness on the body. I do think they're more effective than a foam roller though, because it's not physically possible for you to use enough force to create a difference with one. So, if you want to go the more expensive route you can buy the original one (Hypervolt) or you can go the cheaper route & purchase these jigsaw massage adapters and an actual jigsaw power tool. Wollah you have a percussion massager!

This would be perfect for the health nut in your life that LOVES to cook! They have a variety of traditional spices plus they're own blends such as breakfast, curry powder, apple pie spice & new bae. All of the spices are USDA Organic, certified gluten free, OU kosher, non-GMO & non-irritated.

HOLY COW. Not only are these cookies some of THE BEST cookies I've ever had, their nut butters are out of this world. Not exactly paleo or super healthy, but dang good!

Okay this stuff is the GOAT. It has honestly saved my skin & made such a difference. Between working out, coaching for 5-8 hours a day, plus a couple hours at the barn my face can get pretty dirty. I've been incorporating this charcoal bar into my skincare routine for the past 5-6 months & wow. It is now a complete essential for me. I also love beauty counter because of their safe ingredients so it's a win win. (John also loves it!)

I freaking love my yoga mat & band set from MoveFitCo. Such high quality & I always get SO many comments on my pink sprinkle bands. Just because you're getting sweaty in the gym doesn't mean you can't have cute accessories. & The girls behind this company are SO SWEET, plus its local! (Based out of Orlando, FL) They we're kind enough to give me a 10% discount code for you to save some $$ at checkout! Use code "snacks". (I don't make any money off the affiliation link, I just truly love the products & the owners are so kind!)

I think I mentioned these in my 2018 post, but still love them. They're great for squats, deadlifts, olympic lifts & pretty much every movement in-between. They give you a solid base without feeling like you're feet are moving everywhere. Worth every penny in my opinion & they hold up pretty well. I had my first pair for probably 4 years & wore them pretty much every day before I had to retire them. Plus, the colors & patterns are so cute! For reference, I usually wear a size 8 & they run true to size.

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