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Staying Healthy While Self-Isolating

I am not a public health or medical professional, so I am not going to give advice on best practices to deal with any form of a virus.

Why? Because that’s not my field & ya girl stays in her lane.

(& No I’m definitely NOT going to sell you some BS “immune boosting supplements”, because trying to make money through scare tactics in the midst of a pandemic is flat out wrong. Yes, I’m calling out all of the IG influencers doing this at the moment.)

My lane is helping people create sustainable, healthy habits for long term success through diet & exercise.

So that's the goal with this post- To give you 5 realistic & actionable goals you can start TODAY to make the best of your current situation!


Create a routine & stick to it.

Normally get up at 6:30am every day? Then continue to set your alarm for 6:30am. Don’t sit in your PJ’s all day either and try to get work done that way either. Wake up, get your coffee & continue to get ready for your day even though you’re working from home and probably not going anywhere. Routines are golden in a time like this because they help to create a sense of normalcy. Creating a “work station” would also be a great idea! Not on the couch or in your bed though. Save those places for what they’re for- relaxing, sleeping & sexy time. If you don’t have a desk at home don’t worry, create a your “work station” at the end of your dining room table or bar top! When your work hours are done, close the laptop and put it to the side.


Home workouts don’t have to be terrible.

If you have a sweet home gym set up, then you’re one of the lucky ones & thats bomb. You’ll be able to have a lot more variety with your workouts. However if you only have access to a jump rope and 1 kettlebell, thats okay too. You’ll just have to be creative. There are SO MANY resources out there with home workout ideas. Plus I know of countless gym providing free home workout guides, so be sure to check with the gym you have your current membership at and see what they have available! Online zoom classes are also being offered as well that way you're not alone and still get the feeling of being in a group class.

(I personally have 2 guides available for purchase if you're interested & want to support my business: The Traveling WOD contains 30 minimal equipment/bodyweight workouts you can do from anywhere at anytime. If you’re limited on equipment, this would be the guide for you. (Plus its on sale for 5$!) BUT if you have a bit more variety with what you have available, then I’d recommend checking out Built Strong: From Home, my 8 week functional & progressive functional fitness home workout guide!)


Experiment with new recipes!

This is the PURFECT time to try out some new recipes. There’s no Friday night party for you to hit up so I know you have the time to dust off those cook books on your top shelf. If you don’t have any then check out Noelle’s recipes on or Rachel’s recipes on Those two ladies have been my go-to’s for healthy recipe ideas for a hot minute. I’m personally more of a sweet’s baker, so I look to them for guidance. They haven’t steered me wrong yet!


Aim for 10k every day.

Just because you have to socially isolate, doesn’t mean you can’t go outside! (Unless you have current restrictions in your area that says otherwise. Do your research first people lol) If you have a fitness tracker watch, make it your goal to still continue to hit 10k steps per day. If you don’t have a tracker and are sitting at your desk throughout the day, then add in a 2-3 mile walk in the morning & a 2-3 mile walk in the evening. Get up & get moving. Like I said above- there’s no Friday night party for you to hit up so I know you have the time.


Up your water intake & have your goal be 100 oz. per day.

If you find yourself mindlessly snacking and heading to the fridge more than usual (probably because you’re working from home now), then up your water intake to 100 oz per day. If you start to reach for the chips, drink a full glass of water & then reassess if you’re actually hungry or just boredom snacking. You could also add in some fruit, a scoop of BCAA’s or electrolytes to encourage yourself to drink more! A little bit of flavor always helps me. I have lemonade BCAA’s so I like sip on them and imagine I’m sitting on a beach somewhere.

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