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3 Things Athletes + Clients Are Probably Underutilizing

For most of my clients, working out is the "easy" part of the process.

The hard part is dialing in DAILY on your eating habits, sleep schedule & water consumption. I can talk about this until my face turns blue but getting healthy is a fluctuating + holistic process, meaning there are a lot of working parts.


Getting your lifts in + making sure they're challenging enough to make progress. 💪🏻

Getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night so your body can recover from your lifts. 😴

Planning out your meals + getting in enough calories/protein to support the recovery process. 🥙

Drinking enough water throughout the day so you're not dehydrated. 💧


Trust me when I say I know it's a lot to take in while also working your full time job, taking care of your family + balancing daily life!


But it's also just that, a balancing act + sometimes it will shift one way or the other.

The important part is that you find your version of it. (Or find a coach that can help you. 😉)


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