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Back + Bicep Bodybuilding Workout

If you follow my instagram stories, you've probably seen that I've been loving a more traditional bodybuilding split for my workouts lately.

(With some CrossFit metcons sprinkled in 🙃)

Way before I got into CrossFit/Olympic lifting, I started out in a regular globo gym and as you can tell I still really enjoy that form of fitness. So here's a solid back + bicep workout! 👇🏻


➖ 3x10 Neutral grip lat. pull-downs

➖ 3x12 Kneeling cable rear delt. row


➖ 3x10 Seated close grip row

➖ 3x12 Rope lat. pull-downs


➖ 3x10 Cable rope bicep curls

➖ 3x5 Single arm DB bent over row


➖ 3x Max. Effort neutral grip pull-ups

➖ 3x12 DB Rear delt. Flys


Be sure to save for later and if you have any questions feel free to email me at


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