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Components Of A Daily Training Program

There are SO many components (& considerations) when it comes to a daily training program.

The primary goal to take into consideration is...

👉🏻What's the goal of the client.👈🏻

From there, you can start to build a program with some of the basic components.👇🏻


➖ Warm-ups: Everyone needs a warm-up. (If you try to come at me with the logic of "A cheetah doesn't warm-up before it goes for its prey"... well first off you're not a cheetah & if a cheetah pulls a muscle well then, survival of the fittest my friend.) This will look like some basic full range movements to increase blood flow & prep the body through its full range of motion.


➖ Strength Portion: Most programs will have a primary strength portion whether that be a squat, bench, deadlift, press or Olympic lift. The purpose to increase strength, load & general capacity of the movement. Your main strength portion will likely be a multi-joint movement.


➖ Accessory Work: This is where you work on correcting imbalances, building smaller muscle groups, perfecting skills & preventing future injures. Accessory movements are more likely to be single joint exercises or a broken down high skill movement. (Ex. Shoulder raises or handstand walk progressions)


➖ Metabolic Conditioning: This is where the individuals goals really come into consideration. Is the client training for a marathon? General wellness? A CrossFit competition? The answers to each of those questions require different styles of conditioning.


➖ Mobility & Cool-down: Yes, everyone also needs a cool down. (Don't come at me with the cheetah argument again.) The cool down, whether that be a light walk/bike/row/foam rolling, is used to slowly return the body back to its homeostasis. Plus it gives you the opportunity to work on & improve getting your body through a full range of motion. AKA- Bring out all the stretching now that your body is at its warmest!


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