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Correcting Shoulder Imbalances

A lack of shoulder stability (& mobility) is extremely common in the world of weightlifting & CrossFit.

I see so many athletes either not able to get through a full range of motion in their shoulder joint or create a stable overhead position.


I’ll go through some mobility tips in another post, but I wanted to touch on creating stability first. If you find that your shoulders feel weak when you have weights overhead, try adding in these exercises before your lifts. 👇🏻


➖ 3x10 Banded press: Don’t let the band pull you in either direction. Press directly in front & then return back to your chest.


➖3x10/ea Bottom up KB press: These things are so tough, but great for warming up your shoulders & creating stability! Keep the wrist locked, press directly overhead & do your best to keep your arm as close to your head as possible.

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