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Form Tips For Kettlebell Swings

In another blog I talked about the difference between squat + hinge movements.

When it comes to the kettlebell swing, it is NOT a squat. 🙅🏼‍♀

The KBS is a hamstring/glute loaded hinge movement with the power coming from your hips. As one of my first CrossFit coaches would say… BE LIKE SHAKIRA. IT’S ALL IN THE HIPS. 💃🏼


Let’s chat through a solid kettlebell swing.👇🏻

➖ Kettlebell starts slightly in-front of the body.

➖ Feet are outside the hips, pointed forward or slightly out.

➖ Knees track over the toes.

➖ Grab the KB & pull between the hips as you FOLD at the waist.

➖ As your chest comes up, shoot the hips forward & squeeze the glutes.

➖ As the KB comes to eye level or overhead, it should feel weightless in your hands because of the power generated from the hips.


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