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General, Dynamic + Specific Warm-Ups

A proper warm-up is just as important as the workout itself. 😏


If you try to reason differently by saying that cheetahs don’t stretch before they try to catch a gazelle… well if a cheetah pulls a muscle then guess what?

Survival of the fittest my friend (& You’re not a cheetah lol 🤦🏼‍♀️), so do yourself a favor & spend 10 minutes warming up.

Your body will thank you down the road. 😉


✔️ General: An example of a general warm-up would be biking, jumping rope, running or rowing for 3-5 minutes. The purpose is to raise your core body temperature, which gets your body ready to lift.


✔️ Dynamic: Leg swings, arm circles, bodyweight squats & push-ups are all great ways to get your body through a full range of motion before you put it under the load of a barbell or weights.


✔️Specific: This would depend on the day. For example- if you’re squatting then maybe spend 3-5 minutes opening up your hips through a deep lunge, or if you’re benching then making sure that you’ve worked out any tightness through your chest & shoulders with a lacrosse ball.


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