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How to Create a Simple + Effective Strength Program

am all for keeping things simple in life & ESPECIALLY when it comes to training programs. Why? Simple is effective and the best way to make progress is by doing the basics over and over and over again! Want to switch it up? Check out a post I did called "how to increase the intensity of our lift without increasing weight". It'll give you some ideas. 🙃


Anyways- Back today's chat. 👉🏻 Creating a strength program for yourself doesn't need to be complicated! Below I'm going to outline a sample 3 and 5 day split for someone that's pretty comfortable in the gym. For each day, pick 6-8 exercises total. Have the first be be a compound lift (ex. squat, deadlift, bench press) and the rest are accessory movements (think single joint and smaller muscle group).


3 Day Split👇🏻

(With a lower body focus 😉)

➖ Lower body squat with quad, back and core accessories

➖ Upper body horizontal or vertical push (ex. Barbell bench or overhead press) with tricep, bicep and shoulder accessories

➖ Lower body glute bridge or deadlift with hamstring, glute and core accessories


5 Day Split👇🏻

➖ Lower body squat with quad focused and core accessories

➖ Upper body overhead press with tricep and shoulder accessories

➖ Upper body pull (ex. barbell row or pull-ups) with back and core accessories

➖ Barbell glute bridge or deadlift with glute and hamstring accessories

➖ Upper body horizontal push day (ex. flat or incline bench) with bicep, chest and core accessories


Questions? Feel free to email me at


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