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Instagram Following Does Not Equal Credibility As A Coach

The online health & fitness space is SO saturated.


Not to mention that credibility is judged by how many followers someone has, how many likes they get on their pictures & how "shredded" they are.


It may seem surprising but👉🏻 None of those things are significantly linked to their professional knowledge or credibility as a coach.


So please, before you go blindly following some random ig fitspo account & spending money on their booty/fat loss plans, do some research.


Ask them how long they've been in business for.

Ask them what their qualifications are & what certifications they currently hold.

Ask them for client testimonials.

Ask them if they've ever coached someone in-person.


➖ BECAUSE even though someone has a significant following & rockin' body does not mean their an effective coach. #SorryNotSorry


You can find this on my website, but incase you're wondering.👇🏻

✔️ Bachelors degree in biology with a triple minor (Love chemistry, research & horses lol)

✔️ NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

✔️ CrossFit Level-2 Coach (Coaching since 2014. That's 7 years folks.)

✔️ Precision Nutrition Certified

✔️ 4 Years as a NAIA collegiate track & field athlete

✔️ Multiple NSCA conferences, countless hours of research & literally all the CrossFit online cert. courses

✔️ & I am currently a FULL-TIME IRL personal trainer & manager at a boutique studio in South Florida.


I'm not making this post to boast, but to show that qualified online coaches do exist.

However, we may not post butt selfies or have 150k followers. 😉


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