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Movements Everyone Should Be Able To Do

Everyday I see a variety of clients👉🏻 All different ages, shapes, sizes, goals & needs.

While they all have a slightly different approach to their training based on those needs, there are a few essential movements that all my clients do.


A great example is the burpee. 🙃 Such a simple, effective & essential movement. Get on the ground & be able to get off the ground. For those reading this post, I imagine your probably giggling to yourself right now. Really Sarah? A burpee? YUP.


If you're in your younger years, burpees are probably pretty easy. But what about for your 70-80 year old grandmother? Do they have the strength to get off the ground if they fall down? Maybe. Maybe not.


So yes, all of my clients do burpees. They also all squat to parallel & they all deadlift to some degree.

BECAUSE👉🏻 They all will eventually have to get off the ground, get off the toilet & pick up something up.

Why not be able to do it in a safe manner with the strength to back it up?


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