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My Favorite Exercises

Honestly, if I could only pick a handful of exercises to do for the rest of my days… this would be my list. 🤷🏼‍♀️

They’re based around what I consider the “foundational” lifts- Squat, Deadlift, Bench, Press & Row- w/ some personal unilateral + band favorites thrown in.👇🏻


➖ Barbell front/back squats

➖ Barbell sumo deadlifts

➖ Barbell glute bridge (Preferably with a tempo)

➖ Banded lateral walks

➖ Barbell strict press

➖ Seated cable row

➖ Single arm DB bent over rows

➖ Incline DB bench press

➖ Neutral grip chin-ups


What are your favorites?! Are some of them on my list too?

IMO- A lot of these exercises are going to give you the most benefit because they’re compound lifts.

AKA- Recruit multiple muscle groups. (Think a barbell squat vs. bicep curl)

So- If you’re pressed for time then focusing on the foundational lifts I mentioned above would a great option. Although, there is SO much benefit that comes with slow + controlled unilateral/single joint work. 😉


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