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My Favorite Part About Being A Coach

My favorite part about being a coach?


Helping people realize there's a lot more to working out than weight loss.


Like what?👇🏻

➖ Getting strong af.

➖ Being able to lift heavy things.

➖ Not needing to ask for help to pick up a bag of dog food.

➖ Having the endurance & energy to be able to run around at the park with you're kids.

➖ Having the mobility to be able to touch your goes so you can tie your shoes.


Can weight loss correlate with some of these factors?


But more often than not you're going to start to feel the benefits of a healthy diet & exercise routine long before the scale significantly changes.


& Even more important than that is that your weight does not directly reflect your health status.


As a coach, it's my job to support you & help you work towards your goals.

BUT- I'm also going to guide you towards having a healthy relationship with diet & exercise because there's a lot of other badass benefits that come along with it. 😎


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