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Productivity Hack

I’m the type of person that can’t function if I have too many thoughts going through my head.

I have to get it down on paper for any sort of productivity to happen.


So every Sunday I sit down, write out my game plan for the week & a list of tasks I’d like to accomplish. I call it my weekly “brain dump”!

(I decided to take it to the beach this day cause I'm super pale & it was so nice out)


Doing this "brain dump" allows me to clear my head, stop trying to remember everything & organize my thoughts.


Anything that is time sensitive or has a set deadline gets moved to the top the list. After that I’ll give it a day to be accomplished. I find that if I simply have a mass list of things to do, it feels too daunting & nothing ever gets done.


Do you have any tips or tricks for getting organized & being more productive?


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