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Setting Up For Your Deadlift

The starting position for your deadlift set’s up your entire lift. 🏋🏼‍♀️


As a creature of habit, I go through the same sequence before every lift. I consider it my mental/physical checklist to make sure everything feels right & that I give myself the highest chance of completing the lift. 📝


For some people in the beginning stages of lifting, this may be too much to think about. For others it may be exactly what you’re looking for. Either way, if you take anything from it remember one thing- SET YOUR BACK.


For a conventional deadlift👇🏻

✔️ Make sure that your body is in the middle of the barbell.

✔️ Plant your feet underneath your hips.

✔️ Find your grip (Ex. Mixed, underhand or hook) & make sure that your hands are evenly spaced. I like to take my thumb and put it right where the knurling (rough part) meets the smooth part of the barbell to ensure they’re even.

✔️ Pull the bar back so its lined up the tops of your shoelaces.

✔️ Set your back, lock your lats & brace the core.

✔️ Lift.


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