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Simple Back + Bicep Lift

Best investment in 2020👉🏻 A garage gym. 🙃 I never thought I would enjoy working out at home this much, but it makes life so much easier! I know it's a luxury that not everyone has access to, but for this workout all of the exercises can be done with minimal equipment! (Aka- A pull-up bar, long bands + a set of DB's)

Take minimal rest between exercises and :45-:60 rest between sets! Something is better than nothing. 💪🏻


➖ 4x Max. Effort supinated pull-ups

➖ 4x12 DB Hammer curls


➖ 3x10 Close grip banded pull-down

➖ 3x15 Banded bicep curls


➖ 3x10 Seated close grip row

➖ 3x8 Single arm DB bent over row


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