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Squat Vs. Hinge (Yes- There's A Difference)

The Squat VS. The Hinge👉🏻 What’s the difference + what should you look for?


The big difference between a squatting + hinging movement is the dominant joint being used. Squats are knee dominant while hinges are hip dominant.


AKA- You don’t squat a deadlift & you don’t deadlift a squat. (For the most part… I’m not going to get deep into body biomechanics here. Obviously there are outliers.)


Squat Movements: Literally any variation of a squat lol. Barbell front squats, Barbell back squats, KB goblet squats, single arm DB overhead squats, sandbag squats.... you get the memo. Squat movements will primarily use your hamstrings & quadriceps.


Hinging Movements: Barbell/KB/DB deadlifts, KB swings, RDL's, cleans + snatches. A hinge will require more hamstring, core & spinal erector activation.

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