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Tracking Vs. Not Tracking Your Food

Tracking your food VS. not tracking your food👉🏻 When do you do it? 🧐


Great question, I’m going to respond with a few more. 😉


➖What are your goals?➖

If you are coming to me simply wanting to improve your diet & pick healthier choices, I may encourage you to track for a period of time. This will allow us to sit down & actually see what your days look like/where you could improve. After that I don’t necessarily think that taking the time & energy to track is necessary, BECAUSE you’re more relaxed with your goals.

If your goals are more specific or you’ve been stuck in a plateau for a length of time, then yes. I am going to encourage you to track. The reason why is because it will be the most accurate way to see what you’re taking in during the day & what exactly we will have to change to help you see results faster. Does that mean you need to track forever? Nope, but it does require you to be strict & diligent for a period of time. The more detailed, diligent & honest you are with your log- the easier it is for your coach to see what you need to adjust.


➖Do you have a time frame on those goals?➖

If you have a goal with a specific time period that you want to complete it in (Ex. Drop 20# by Christmas or compete in “x” weight class) then yes, you’re probably going to have to track & be more strict with your intake.


➖Is it a holiday, birthday or other special occasion?➖

Again, let’s go back to your goals. If you’re being more relaxed then I’m going to tell you to enjoy yourself. One meal isn’t going to throw everything down the drain. (Letting it spiral into a “Fu** it” week, could. Lol)

If your goal is more specific then maybe you pick the healthiest option available & pass on the cake. Again, does that mean that you’ll have to pass on the cake forever? Nope, but it all goes back to your goals & how much time YOU want to put into it.

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