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Understanding Rep Ranges For Your Workouts

Do you have goals when it comes to your fitness?

Does your workout programming appropriately reflect those goals?


When it comes to programming- Theres no "one size fits all approach" & no "guaranteed" rep numbers that automatically equal certain results, but there are repetition ranges that can be used to help achieve a specific goal!


As a general rule of thumb:

- Increasing power ranges from 1-3 reps

- Building strength is anywhere from 3-6 reps

- Hypertrophy (increasing muscle size) ranges 7-12 reps

- Muscle endurance is typically 14+ rep


Like I said, these are not set ranges & there are other factors such as percentages, perceived difficulty or recovery time that can also have an influence on what type of stimulus your gym programming will have.

However, adjusting rep ranges can be really helpful if you have a specific goal in mind!


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