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Why You Need To Stop Focusing On The Scale

✖️Why you need to stop focusing on the scale.✖️


Trust me, I am all for measurement tools.

(I have brain that works off lists, collecting data & all the science.)

But there needs to be a give & take between them because there are things the scale can't tell you. 👇🏻


➖ Your clothes fit better.

➖ You can lift heavier weights that you used you.

➖ You're putting on visible muscle.

➖ You can run faster than you used to.

➖ You're more energetic throughout the day.

➖ You can move more efficiently or without pain.

➖ You're able to do movements you couldn't do before- Ex. Pull-ups or squats below parallel.


All of these factors are HUGE improvements in your body, but you'll miss them if all you care about is the scale. & It might sound crazy but the less you obsess over the number & the more you focus on simply getting stronger- your body follows suit! 🏋🏼‍♂️


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