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You Don't Need To Do Cardio To Lose Weight

The biggest factor that influences weight loss is being in a caloric deficit.

Simple as that.


You don't need to do cardio to weight.

You don't need to eat 5 meals per day to lose weight.

You don't need to do keto to lose weight.


You need to expend more calories then you take in to lose weight, AKA a caloric deficit.


NOW👉🏻 There are countless ways to do that, which could include adding in more activity though out the day in the form of exercise or decreasing the amount of calories you take in.


For most people, I encourage a little bit of both because I think it's important to have a balance between both sides and understand the influence each has to your overall health.


Keepin' it simple is the name of the game. Have any questions? Feel free to send me an email at


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