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All information including meal plan, recipe, fitness program and supporting advice are solely intended to provide assistance to you in your personal eating healthy and fitness efforts. The information is not intended as a substitute for consultation, evaluation or treatment by a medical professional or registered dietician. The services that Sarah McRae Fitness LLC. Provides should not be used as a substituted for medical advice or represented as a guarantee for improvement of specific health conditions or weight loss. Sarah McRae Fitness LLC. Is NOT a registered dietitian or doctor and does not claim to be. All provided information is for your personal use and may not be reproduced for any type of commercial or personal publication without permission.


This website disclaimer displays the use of the website owned by Sarah McRae Fitness LLC. By using this website you accept the disclaimer in full. If you don’t agree with any part, then do not use the website. All information, material and content found on Sarah McRae Fitness LLC.’s website is strictly informational. It is general information that is not intended to serve as a substitute for your own primary care provider, physician, specialist, nurse practitioner or any other medical professionals recommendations. Any and all medical or health care should be through your primary care provider. You agree that you will not make any medical or health related decision based in whole or part on this site. None of the information on this site has been independently evaluated by the FDA. No information on this site should be used to diagnose, treat, prevent or curse any condition. I am NOT a doctor or registered dietician and do not play that part on the internet. All exercise has risk, please consult with your primary care provider before you start any exercise routine.



Sarah McRae Fitness LLC., takes your privacy very seriously. We do not sell, trade or otherwise disclose email lists or any other information without your permission. The privacy policy is designed to assist you in understanding how we collect and use the personal information you provided us to assist you in making informed decision when using the site, products and services. Please ready the privacy policy carefully. By using this website you consent to this policy, whether or not you have read it. If you do not agree with any part of this policy, do not use this website.

This website may contain links to other sites, Sarah McRae Fitness LLC. Is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of those websites.

The online inquiry forms may solicit visitors to voluntarily provide contact information such as name, email address, phone number, mailing address and demographic information. SMF LLC. Uses this data to facilitate communication with its visitors. Customers may receive a follow-up email after submitting an online inquiry form to be further contacted. The user may choose to opt out of contact if they choose. All collected data is for internal use only and is never shared with third parties.

This site has security measures in place to protect the loss and misuse of information under the control of SMF LLC. The network and data base is highly secure, only authorized employees have access to the contact data and all employees consent to the privacy policy.

Returns: There is a zero return policy once payment is given and service has been delivered in any part.

Illness: If you are to become sick during the month of coaching or are not able to complete the workouts there is no rollover into the next months coaching service.

Description of coaching service: The outline of the coaching service you choose is clearly defined on the website. Please refer to the website for details.


Sarah McRae Fitness LLC., requires that the client adhere to the payment schedule.
If the client fails to adhere to the payment schedule by skipping or missing a payment then a $25 late

charge can be added to your bill at the discretion of SMF LLC. CANCELLATION POLICY

Sarah McRae Fitness LLC., requires that if you wish to cancel your membership or coaching service, you

must cancel 2 weeks prior to your billing date noted above. If you fail to inform SMF LLC. Within the 2 week notice period that you are subjected to be billed at the discretion of SMF LLC.


Sarah McRae Fitness LLC., reserves the right, in its sole discretion to terminate your access to any or all of the SMF LLC.’s websites, memberships, related services or any portion thereof at any time, without notice.



The client hereby agrees to the entire contract in full by purchasing the product or service and will not hold Sarah McRae Fitness LLC. Liable for any incidental, direct, indirect, consequential, or other damages, including loss of revenue or income, pain and suffering emotional distress.




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