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Interested in working with me? Let's figure out what you're looking for.

One Time Purchases

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The "Built Strong" Guides

These guides are designed for someone who likes going to the gym, wants to

get strong, hates wasting their time, craves structure + routine, but doesn't want

the full commitment of an individualized program or need 1:1 guidance. For a one time purchase, you'll receive lifetime access to the PDF guide delivered straight to your inbox.

"Built Strong: The Guide"

The 16 Week Functional Strength Program

"Built Strong: From Home"

The 8 Week Minimal Equipment Functional Strength Program

1:1 Programming

Individualized Programming

A monthly remote individualized training program designed specifically for your body and goals. Daily communication via. True Coach to answer questions, provide support and feedback on lifts. Video tutorials for every movement in your program are provided so you know exactly how the exercises are performed. If you're ready to commit to your goals and want full guidance, 1:1 programming is for you.



"She is very knowledgeable, puts a lot of thought into what will best help each person. She cares about what people want to hear and learn and tries to make that information available to everyone through posts, video chats, polls, and messaging people personally. I think she is a great advocate for fitness and health, she practices what she preaches, and loves to share what she learns, and her experiences. I love to see posts about her fitness journey. She makes her experiences very relatable to all types of people. Sarah even posts workouts that people could do when traveling or on the road. It's great seeing the responses she gets from other people trying to change their lives for the better, it feels like we are all in this together." - Melissa M. (Remote client)

"This is my second season training with Sarah. As a trainer, Sarah is a rare combination of high energy, youth, professionalism, kindness and knowledge. Even after COVID-19 hit, she found a way for me to keep exercising by designing workouts I could master at home until I was vaccinated. Now back at the gym, I am very impressed with all the measures being used to insure a clean, safe, socially distant workout environment." -Sally G. (In-person client)

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